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The foundations of MESA HOLDING were laid 54 years ago with the establishment of MESA Housing Industries Inc. (MESA Mesken İnşaat A.Ş.) in 1969. Now, with the power, strength and confidence derived from its past and past achievements, MESA HOLDING is rising on its foundations, which are as robust and strong as the buildings it has constructed.

MESA, in the course of its journey, which started aiming to bring new perspectives and dimensions to the construction industry to make a difference in people’s lives by strictly adhering to its principles without any change, has always taken bold steps to realize its vision and in all fields in which it operates has successfully achieved all of its preset targets in a timely fashion. Indeed, MESA owes its great success and growth over long years to the happiness of millions of its customers and employees and its brand name, which is associated with trust and innovation and which conveys the sense of confidence, and actually these are the driving factors that brought MESA to where it is now and make all of us proud of being the members of MESA HOLDING.

MESA, in the course of its journey, on which it set out alone, has grown to become a group of companies under a Holding Company, and each passing year since its establishment it has made a difference in people’s lives bringing them added values and innovative practices. Now, we are proud of creating future and value for our employees and customers and making a difference in people’s lives relying on our experience of 54 years full with success and great achievements.