KOSAŞ Konut A.Ş.

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Providing all kinds of services needed in public housing areas, Kosaş Konut Servisi was established in 1987 as the fi rst public housing service company in Ankara to provide services to Mesa Koru Housing Complex. In 1992, it carried out the fi rst transplantation of mature trees with its specially equipped vehicles, breaking new ground in Türkiye, and took pioneering steps to protect and preserve ecological elements. Kosaş gained a stronghold in the industry with its “tree cultivation – transportation” and “mass housing services” while creating a landscape area of 5,000,000 sqm in 37 years. Kosaş’s services range from residential development to urban spaces like sports fi elds, city parks, mass accommodations, hotels, vacation villages, marinas, hospital and school gardens, mixed projects, roof gardens, and shopping centers. With its 37 years of experience, trust-inspiring approaches and superior understanding of quality, Kosaş succeeded to become a leader in mass housing services. The company continues its activities, expanding its role within the framework of landscaping, agriculture, building complex management, arboriculture and transplanting services, and taking environmental awareness as a principle with the belief that everyone should live in a green environment, and healthy, modern living spaces.