Message from the Board of Directors

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One has to create and deliver value for others before expecting anything in return. One has to be
brave enough in order to pioneer firsts. One needs to be determined in order to exist for a long time;
and one should adopt sound principles in order to build confidence. One has to believe in the infinity
of knowledge, and add his/her imagination on his/her knowledge and has to always bear in his/her
mind the purpose of setting out on a journey even the conditions have changed.

We have never lost our excitement for creating better things for people, not even for a moment.
Each target achieved has emboldened us to set new targets for the future. The firsts that we
introduced have encouraged and inspired us to take new steps with our business. The growing
confidence in the MESA brand name has brought us more responsibility and our responsibility has
become heavier. The differences that we made in the lives of millions of people have created new
dreams for us.

Relying on our experience of 54 years, we better see the future now. As we know, the principles we
adopted will help make a difference to every life we touch and lead to an added value for all of them,
and will help the confidence in MESA HOLDING to increasingly grow day by day.